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Hair Care

Men and women lose hair as they age.  Hair loss is more pronounced in some than in others. Cell Vitals introduces the ReLuma hair care line formulated to slow down the effects of aging on hair by helping to minimize hair thinning and loss and stimulating growth.  Providing a mixture of cytokines and growth factors derived from non embryonic human stem cells is important for achieving a natural balance in the scalp and follicle that facilitates hair growth.  ReLuma Hair also uses Minoxidil in the men’s and women’s hair complexes to improve hair growth.  While its ability to regrow hair is not yet fully understood, it is believed that it increases blood flow to the scalp.  The ReLuma Original Hair product does not contain Minoxidil. 


Why wait another day?  Start minimize hair loss and begin regrowth today! Free shipping!

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7 Item(s)

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